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Clean rooms and clean room equipment provide a contamination-controlled environment at the end-user’s facility. The clean room facility demands resourceful investment and expert management. In order to ensure that the heavy investment made in clean room proves worthy and functions properly, the entire clean room system should be tested and validated on regular basis.   Our clean room validation service tests systems for their down-time and defects in the products and it is minimized significantly to increase productivity. To ensure that our clients receive maximum benefit from the clean rooms, we offer critical validation, routine testing, and advisory services. Equipped with required resources, we assist clients in maintaining their clean room facilities economically and in most productive manner.   We provide clean room validation services for:
  • Particle counts to both Federal Standard 209E and ISO 14644
  • Microbial sample collection and analysis
  • HEPA Filter leak testing (using PAO or PSL spheres)
  • Room pressurization testing
  • Filter airflow velocity and uniformity testing
  • Light intensity testing
  • Temperature and humidity testing
  • Noise level testing
  • Laminar Flow Hood / Clean Bench Certification & Service
  • Airflow Parallelism and Air Pattern Studies
  • Class II Biological Safety Cabinet Certification & Service
  • Class III Certification & Service
  The validation service we offer makes use of proven and thorough testing facilities and instruments of latest make. Our validation services are in conformance with the latest international standards including:  
  • US - Federal Standard 209 and ISO 14644 -1 -1999
  • IES - RP - CC - OO2 (Institute of Environmental Science - Recommended Practice - 002)
  The validation services we offer are recognized in the industrial sector and we even provide certification for the same in the form of hard copy. Apart from the certificates, we also issue test reports electronically through email, floppy disk, or CD-ROM, as desired by the client. We can create test reports in cGMP compliant documentation manner.
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